Health Coaching

     holistic nutrition, health, wellness, health counseling, hudson valley Why do I do what I do? I struggled with my own health crises for some time before attaining my own level of balance and well-being. I went through a period of time where my body could barely tolerate water and my emotions were seemingly beyond my control. My mind was cloudy, my body was tired, and my spirit felt defeated. Dealing with my own emotional and physical trauma led to valuable discoveries and insights into how one’s body, mind, and spirit functions and how the process of healing takes place. My story is akin to many others, and with my knowledge, gained wisdom, intuition, and empathy, I feel committed to helping others reach their own state of bliss. I know the path is meandering, inconsistent, and shaky, though I believes health, wellness, and fulfillment are accessible to everyone.

I graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Human Services and a specialization in Counseling Psychology. I later earned my certificates as a Certified Natural Health Counselor, a Certified Master Nutritionist, and a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Additionally, I am a certified Reiki practitioner.

I integrate basic concepts into my healing techniques. I believe in the importance of water, nutritive food and herbs, sleep, and movement. I differentiate between a crisis of emotion, of spirit, or of body and I understand integrally how those relate. I enforce the importance of breath, of pH balancing, of digestion and elimination, and of the health of your glandular, respiratory, immune, circulatory, and nervous systems. I incorporate talk therapy, energy healing, Ayurvedic concepts, and mindfulness practices into my sessions.  I feel the client has many of their own answers and my objective is to both draw out those answers and to provide recommendations to stimulate healing in clients, when necessary, so that they can equip themselves with the tools necessary on their own paths. I don’t intend to diagnose conditions or prescribe medications, but rather to focus on supporting organs/emotional and spiritual balance/healthy holistic lifestyles to promote long-lasting healing from within. Our bodies are capable of optimum health if we allow them to function properly and treat them with kindness.

Conditions I am well suited to work with:

  • Candida
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Digestive troubles (such as constipation, IBS, etc.)
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Skin conditions (i.e. eczema, acne, etc.)
  • Diabetes
  • General body inflammation and toxicity

To help you feel:

  • More energy
  • More ease with less dis-ease
  • Less distress and emotional/mental burden
  • Balance and resilience
  • A cleansed and less toxic physical body
  • Confidence, personal satisfaction, and contentment


Initial consult – $80

Follow ups:
$30 for half an hour
$50 for a full hour

Three full hour sessions – $135. Must pay in advance.

Note: The initial session must be in person, but I’m happy to do follow-ups over the phone.


Not sure if you want to sign up? Try it out! I offer FREE 30-minute phone consults where we can figure out if we’d like to work together.


For first time clients, I will send you a client intake form. Please download, fill out the form and email it to four days prior to your first session.



To schedule a session: