Sow Good Bakery was created in 2012, by Tess Beatrice, to ‘let food be thy medicine.’ Our hand-crafted treats are “health food”: gluten-free, refined sugar-free, many dairy-free, raw, and paleo. We use organic ingredients and many locally grown (if not homegrown!) fruits and vegetables. All of our products are sweetened with either raw honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, or medjool dates and just the right amount of joy. Twists on the savory, punny concepts, and healthful ingredient combinations fuel our nutrient-dense creations, food-filled enough to be eaten any and all the time! Tess farmer's market Tess is the baker, owner, and smiler of Sow Good Bakery. She grew up on an organic vegetable farm in northern Saugerties, NY. She was introduced to tofu and kale and dirt-covered potatoes at an early age, and grew up in a homemade-stewed-red-beet, chickens-in-the-house-when-sick, paul-simon-blasting kind of household, though not without the occasional high fructose corn syrup filled candy bar to her mother’s dismay. As is so common for many of us, Tess inevitably suffered from many intolerances and sensitivities; gluten, dairy, and refined sugars (and she’s better for it!). With an incredibly large sweet tooth and the roots of her upbringing, she quested to find food that made her feel good and strong, without any deprivation of sweetness; this encouraged her passion to make food that heals, promotes longevity and treats the body, mind, and spirit. She is a natural health counselor as well as a certified holistic nutritionist (click here to set up a session). As she’s walking her own path, she wants to support you on your own. She believes everyone is capable of obtaining their own optimum health and well-being, gained from setting intentions, groundedness and patience, mindful awareness, …and a raw brownie or two.

Try our treats SOON at a store near you. Updates to come! 

We love serving/smiling at/talking to/laughing with.. you!